An excellent firm with superior skills. PAV has been my accountant and tax advisor since 1981. 
        mom   Cuy Falls OH

Has been my trusted business advisor for over 20 years. 
   bld  Silver Lake OH

As a business owner I find that the relationship with my accountant and business advisor to be one of my most valuable assets.  
  Akron OH

PETER A VASS & CO provides us with a truly customized payroll service for our demanding business.  It was promised to us and it was delivered. We have never been more pleased.  

Thanks for the great execution of our payroll.  Everything is going great!!
     Dr's T&F  Gahanna / Columbus OH

For many years I'd drive the wife batty going from one tax preparer to another. My hopes would be that I'd finally find one who knew what they were doing and would get us a nice refund instead of having to pay every year. Then one year my barber recommended Peter Vass. He had just received his college degree and we were one of his first clients.  That was 1982. Obviously the wife and I are happy. With Pete doing our taxes, if there is a refund coming, we'll be sure to get it. No one puts the time and hard work into tax preparation like he does. 
    fxw  Portage Lakes OH

>>> I have had the pleasure of working with the
PAV CPA INC accounting firm since year 1999.  Prior to becoming a client of I had researched and interviewed many accounts but none of them like Peter Vass.  While working with Pete and his team, I have learned so many proven methods and techniques designed to improve the efficiencies of our accounting and recordkeeping
>>> The preparation, execution and reporting of my financials have never been better, complemented with the Payroll processing that PAV CPA INC performs for my company, we are running like a well-oiled machine. The service that I receive far exceeds any other service that I have ever experienced from an accountant.  It is outstanding.
>>>I like how they are always striving to create better solutions and services. The on-line Web portal system that allows me to see all of my payroll and financials on-line in real time.  It is awesome and thank you for doing such a wonderful job for me and my company!    
       BCH @ Lunar Cow Designs  Downtown Akron OH


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