Tax Organizer

Click here to view and print tax organizer  2012 Personal Tax Organizer.pdf    
                                    ( this is a comprehensive tax organizer ...  please call or email to request password to open )

             ** New Client data sheet.pdf     ( complete this asap if you are brand new to us )

             Click on the following links to view and print various worksheets:

              1    Rental Property worksheet.pdf       ( do you have rental property )

              2    Filing Informational Forms 1099 MISC.pdf      ( Data collection worksheet and Form W-9 )

              A    Self employment worksheet.pdf            ( complete this if you file a schedule C )   

              B    Vehicle expense worksheet 0-12.pdf       **  ( most popular worksheet for trucks & autos )

              C    Home Office summary worksheet.pdf           ( if you have a home offfice and work from home )

              D    IRA Contribution summary worksheet.pdf
         ( a must if you are making IRA contributions )      

              E    Health insurnace HSA account summary.pdf        ( if you have an HSA this is for you )

              F    Education Credit worksheet summary.pdf               ( complete this to maximize your education credit )

              G    529 Account summary worksheet 4-12 .pdf            ( definately makes for a simplified presentation of 529 plan account info )

              Please open the following to see completed samples:     
                   Sample - Various completed worksheets.pdf          ( open this pdf to see examples of completed forms )

                   Sample - Check ledger for rental property.pdf       ( your check leddger could look like this, we can help you )


                   OUF-1 Unclaimed Funds Reporting Form.pdf     ( due by Nov 1 of each year )

                   Non-cash contrib wsh.pdf.pdf                   **********