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It is certainly a pleasure to have you visiting Feel free to check us out as often as you like. Every few weeks I will be summarizing various tax, accounting, retirement plan, and other issues that our clients incur with their closely held businesses.

We are currently providing on-line document services. As a client you are able to view and print tax and financial documents through a secured client portal using an assigned username and secure password setup. Many of our clients are now enjoying the convenience and capabilities of this powerful tool. Call us now to get on board.

We will also be providing on-line accounting programs which require only a high-speed Internet connection on your part. No more loading programs, updating, or backing up data on your end. This new Internet-based technology will allow you the client and our office staff to work together to provide you with the most efficient, real-time, and reliable data gathering and management techniques available today. Clients will be able to access information from any computer connected to a high-speed connection.

Visit us on a regular basis and be sure to click on "MR 1040 ON-LINE". Your thoughts, comments, and suggestions about our website and firm are sincerely appreciated. Please sign our guest book and leave us a message. Thank you.

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